ASLAWomen is a working group established by ASLA (Associazione degli studi legali associati) (Association of Law Firms), to support and enhance the position of women at every stage of their legal careers.

Founded at the beginning of 2014, following an ASLA project entitled "Women on Board", ASLAWomen  explores and monitors the status of female lawyers and diversity policies within ASLA member firms, with a particular focus on equal opportunities for professional development and career paths.  To this end, ASLAWomen is active in the promotion of research and the collection of data, professsional development initiatives and events on relevant topics for women lawyers, as well as projects to assist female lawyers from disadvantaged backgrounds and to increase the representation of women at senior levels.

ASLAWomen liaises with the Committees for Equal Opportunities which exist within local bar associations, as well as universities and leading groups for the promotion of women in the working world.

The group also contributes actively to ASLA's broader projects, representing the female point of view.

ASLAWomen's projects to date include, in particular, "Women on Board", which identifies leading female lawyers from ASLA law firms with the qualifications and experience to be put forward as candidates for the boards of directors or statutory auditors of listed companies and entities controlled by governmental entities.

Participation in events organised by ASLAWomen is open to all lawyers, male and female, who work in ASLA law firms.

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Sunday 16 June 2024

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